WITHOUT Sugar! In 5 Minutes: Make Your Own Muesli Energy Bar – A Delicious and Healthy Treat

In the quest for a nutritious and quick snack, homemade muesli energy bars stand out as a stellar choice. Perfect for those avoiding added sugars, these bars are a concoction of natural sweetness, wholesome ingredients, and energy-boosting elements. Ready in just five minutes, they're an ideal solution for anyone seeking a delicious, healthful treat.

Ingredients Needed:
Oat Flakes (80g): A fiber-rich base that provides sustained energy.
Raisins (100g): Offers natural sweetness and texture.
Walnuts and Peanuts (100g total, 1:1 ratio): Adds crunch and nutritional value.
Prunes (100g): Enhances sweetness and helps bind the mixture.
Dried Cranberries (1 tablespoon): Introduces a tangy flavor note.
Bananas (2): Acts as a binder and natural sweetener.
Dark Chocolate without Sugar (40g): For a decadent yet guilt-free topping.
Coconut Oil (1 teaspoon): Aids in creating a smooth chocolate drizzle.
Preparation Steps:
Prep the Base:

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