Why should tomato plants be sprinkled with baking soda? The trick of experienced gardeners

Are you a fan of baking powder? We hear you, it is a “miraculous” powder that we all must have at home! Versatile and multifunctional, this natural product is valued not only in the kitchen to flavor our cakes, in the household to make countless tasks easier and even in the world of cosmetics for our skin and hair care. What many people don't know, however, is that baking soda also works wonders in the garden. Quickly find out why you need to have it on hand to sprinkle your tomato crops.
Do you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden? Very good idea ! But if you want to take good care of it and have a successful harvest, you can count on the enriching properties of baking soda. To keep your tomatoes beautiful, healthy and last longer, this is the perfect ingredient for you. As a bonus, being economical and ecological, it is a perfect alternative to chemical substances purchased in nurseries or supermarkets.

harvest the tomatoes.