Why always keep toilet paper in the closet? The effective solution to a common problem

Unfortunately, if not ventilated regularly, cupboards and chests of drawers become exposed to moisture and bad smells over time. If your clothes aren't dried properly or if they're forgotten at the bottom of a shelf or drawer, mold will do its job.
Even after thorough cleaning, these areas may still smell musty. Result: It absorbs into clothing and is always very uncomfortable when putting it on. Instead of multiple washes and odds and ends, we have a few tricks that will save you all the hassle. Here you are !

How do you scent the closet with the toilet paper trick?
The problem of unpleasant odors that often penetrate your wardrobe has several reasons. The main cause is the storage of unused fabrics, such as very old clothes, old towels and rarely used bed linen. Poor air circulation is enough for mold to grow in the cupboard. And that musty smell is particularly annoying because it can be picked up by other items, sometimes even new or freshly washed clothing.

To avoid this problem, there are simple and effective solutions. Admittedly, many people often turn their attention to commercial products like moisture-wicking silica gel bags. Apart from the fact that this option is not always the best: these accessories can be harmful to sensitive or allergic people. In particular, they can cause eye or skin irritation. It would therefore make sense to find less restrictive methods.

It may seem strange or surprising to you, but our first tip includes a very popular everyday product: the toilet paper roll.