This recipe is the "God Bless America Cake' and it's delightful! Our house is so obsessed!

Hey there, friends and neighbors! I hope this message finds you all healthy and happy, ready to whip up a little something special for the family. Today, I want to share with you all a heartfelt recipe that's near and dear to my Midwestern roots – it's a patriotic dessert I like to call the "God Bless America Cake." This wonderful cake is a colorful tribute to our beautiful country and is just the perfect centerpiece for any patriotic holiday – think Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or any day you feel like showing a bit of American pride. There's nothing complicated about this recipe, making it a great option for busy moms and dads who still want to create that little extra something for their loved ones. So, buckle up, buttercup, and let's get baking!
Now, before we get into the batter and berries, let me just tell you about serving this beauty. Once you've got your God Bless America Cake all set and looking like a firework display, you're gonna want something to serve alongside it. I like to keep it simple with some homemade whipped cream or a scoop of good old vanilla ice cream. Add a few sprigs of fresh mint, and you've got yourself a dessert that'll have everyone saluting!
God Bless America Cake
Servings: 12-15 servings