These 2 ingredients are worth their weight in gold in the garden: very strong fertilizer

For the vegetable garden and the garden, two excellent and powerful ingredients that make up the fertilizer used by professionals in the sector.

How often do you use non-natural fertilizers for plants that are rich in preservatives and chemical agents? Industry experts invite all plant owners to use only natural fertilizers. There are ingredients of daily and general use that can be useful for plants thanks to the amount of properties and benefits they contain. Two ingredients in particular, when combined, can become something powerful for any type of plant.

What two ingredients to use as fertilizer?
Nature offers a number of ingredients that should be used not only as food but also to nourish the plants in the garden. Two ingredients in particular, when mixed together, help plants grow strong and healthy.

The first ingredient is the eggshell, which should never be thrown into wet water. Few people know that they represent a very interesting source of calcium, useful for maintaining the health of all types of plants. Simply let them dry in the sun and then grind them to make an eggshell flour. So they can be used alone or together with another main ingredient.

Fertilizer for eggshells