The trick to cleaning the oven “effortlessly”. Even burnt-on fat disappears

Without a doubt, cleaning the oven is one of the most tedious tasks we can have. The splashes that occur when cooking food severely dirty the walls of this appliance.

Although today's kitchens are prepared to make this tedious task easier, the truth is that grease accumulates everywhere.

The trick to cleaning the oven “effortlessly”.

Unfortunately, cleaning the oven gets postponed and we neglect it completely. Grease and food stains continue to form.

This is how you can easily clean the oven

If we want to continue preparing frying dishes in our oven, we do not have to look for an alternative that allows us to clean it more easily.

That's why we'll tell you below the 3 best secret tricks to make it flawless without any effort.

Use dishwasher tablets or capsules to clean the oven

Since the dishwasher capsules are highly concentrated, they are ideal for thoroughly cleaning our oven, leaving it spotless, without a drop of grease and disinfected.