The most powerful natural sleeping aid with immediate effect. You’ll fall asleep like a log in just a few minutes

Banana peels contain an amazing combination of substances that trigger total relaxation of the body followed by a deep and peaceful sleep: serotonin (also known as the happiness hormone) which relaxes the body and alleviates stress, tryptophan, a natural essential amino acid also used in the pharmaceutical industry for treating sleep disorders, and significant amounts of magnesium, a mineral known to prevent abrupt sleep interruption and night awakenings, as well as potassium, an element that helps muscles and blood vessels relax and deactivates adrenaline.

Magnesium is often recommended by doctors to people who have sleep problems. This tea is very well-known and appreciated by those who have sleep issues in South American countries where bananas are abundant, but in Europe, this remedy is less known.

Necessary Ingredients