The ingenious trick for a clean and shiny oven: no more stubborn stains and dirt

The oven is a must in the kitchen and is constantly needed to cook our dishes. Therefore, it gets dirty quickly and if it is not cleaned regularly, grease splashes and other dirt become encrusted, making cleaning difficult and tedious. To make this process easier, there is a foolproof method and other tricks from grandmothers that support it.

Einen Ofenrost reinigen
The salt method to effectively clean the glass oven door
With this simple trick you can easily remove fat and food residue stuck on the glass oven door. If you want to clean and degrease with the purest green spirit, this solution should satisfy you.

This is quite simple. First, brush the oven door with hot water and then sprinkle it with salt. Leave to act for 1 minute and then carefully rub the glass with a ball of aluminum foil in a circular motion. Finally, remove any remaining residue with a damp cloth or paper towel. If necessary, repeat the process.

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