Put a plastic bag on the broom, all housewives do this: except vacuum cleaners

For optimal sweeping you don't need a vacuum cleaner, just a broom and a plastic bag. Find out how to do it.

Besen aus Plastiktüte

Broom made from plastic bag
It is always difficult to keep the floor clean at home, especially when there are small children in the house. Dust, hair, dog or cat hair accumulate on the floor and daily sweeping is really boring in the wrong world and wastes a lot of time. That's why there's a method you can use to sweep faster: a home trick.

Every day you deal with household chores and there is always a trick that will help you put in less effort. From natural and DIY products to additional elements. In any case, we try to make the tedious cleaning easier for you, both to remove dust and to sweep and wash the floors.

Broom and plastic bag: the trick that will change your cleaning
Very often the broom cannot sweep well and hair and dirt get stuck on the bristles. But just get a plastic bag and this won't happen again. The only thing you have to do is stick the broom in and start sweeping.


You'll notice that this way hair and pet hair will stick to the broom but won't get into the bristles, so you don't have to use your hands to remove the dirt. The material plastic bags are made of helps hold hair and fur, which you can then easily pick up with a shovel and throw away.

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