Put a bottle in the drain: It is the effective solution to a common problem

Whether summer or winter, one scourge can plague your home: cockroaches. Admit that they are never welcome in your home. As carriers of microbes, these insects are repulsive regardless of their size and have the art of making you jump unexpectedly. No more choking! Thanks to this little trick, you will no longer have the unpleasant surprise of encountering them in the bathroom. How to get rid of them quickly!
Cockroaches at home: a real nightmare!
The bathroom is one of the areas where you often encounter cockroaches. And for many reasons. On the one hand, the presence of insects in this room is clearly visible given the often-light tiled surfaces. On the other hand, cockroaches regularly migrate there because they are attracted to warm and humid environments. And of course, given the omnipresence of steam, high temperatures and humidity, the bathroom is an ideal water temple to house these little creatures.

In addition, the bathroom is not the only one that combines all the optimal conditions to welcome cockroaches. They also tend to hide easily under the kitchen sink, behind the refrigerator or dishwasher. But don't worry, we'll give you some brilliant tips to combat this scourge.