Nettle macerate: The strongest fertilizer

Nettle macerate:
how to prepare it and what it is used for

To have a sustainable garden, you don't need to use chemical fertilizers.

If they are not absolutely necessary, they can be replaced with natural and effective fertilizers such as nettle macerate.

Nettle macerate is a natural fertilizer and pesticide. You can make it with your own hands and save some money, it is organic and obviously natural.

This nettle product contains salicylic and formic acid, which are effective against pests and insects and stimulate the soil for perfect cultivation.

If you think it might be right for you, just read below.

Nettle macerate: what is it? What can he do?
Before we go into details, we need to analyze the nettle.

This spontaneously growing plant has emerald green leaves with serrated edges. It loves moist, nitrogen-rich soil and thrives in shady locations.

The plant is best known for its burning power. It contains mineral salts and vitamins A, C and K and also has a diuretic, purifying and antianemic effect.

Nettle can be used as a perfect natural remedy for health and fitness. It can also be used by turning it into an infusion or into savory preparations and also, strange but true, in pasta.

For all these reasons and more, it can also be a perfect natural pesticide to make with your own hands. In this way you can nourish your garden with nettle macerate and also stimulate plant growth thanks to the nitrogen, iron, vitamins and mineral salts.

Nettle macerate: how to prepare it?
The first thing you need to do to collect nettle is to wear gardening gloves, precisely because it is a stinging plant.

Then you need to get a bucket, of course some water and the secateurs.

You can then start extracting the nettle macerate.

Place the nettles in a large container, such as a bucket or barrel, until it is completely full. I recommend not pressing the nettle plants. Then add the water to cover the nettles and then close the bucket with the lid. The dosage is: 10 liters of water 1 kg of nettles.

Let everything rest for about 3 weeks.