My grandmother knows the perfect trick with GARLIC and baking soda: you wish you knew it sooner!

Introduction: If you are purchasing garlic in large quantities or have harvested your own garlic crop and are looking for a way to store it, this method might be helpful to you. Improper storage of garlic can lead to germination, rotting or drying out. Follow these handy tips and learn this simple and clever method of storing garlic.

Method One: Take a dark bag and place the garlic heads in it. Add an apple to the center of the bag. Thanks to the apple, the garlic will not germinate or dry out. Try to push as much air out of the bag as possible to create an almost vacuum environment. Seal the bag at the top and store it in a cool, dry place. The dark plastic bag protects the garlic from light, keeping it fresh for longer.

Second Method: For smaller quantities of garlic, you can store it in rice. Fill a bowl with rice and add the garlic. The dry environment of the rice will effectively absorb moisture, keeping the garlic dry. This method also keeps pests away, as they do not like the smell of garlic.

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