Every year for my daughter’s birthday, she chooses the type of cake she wants. I have always made my children their birthday
cakes, but she always chose a different cake each year and I knew that soon I would face a “challenge’ cake – this was the one!
The caramel icing is what worried me only because I had never made it before. I will tell you now that it is not difficult, it is simply
When I finished the cake, I stood looking at the cake feeling relieved, happy, and thinking that it looked absolutely delicious! She
squealed when she saw it and she loved the cake – we all loved the cake. Since I now felt confident, I vowed to make the cake
again. The icing is unlike any other because it is not fluffy, it is thick, dense, and divine.
I find this recipe to be even more special because it is a cake that usually we would have enjoyed only at a restaurant…for a
special occasion. Now I can make it at home and we can enjoy it anytime of the year.