Here’s how to quickly disinfect your washing machine tub and get rid of those annoying black mold stains.

When taking care of your washing machine, the part that should not be overlooked is the compartment where the detergent and fabric softener are poured.
This part of the machine is fundamental. Not only because it guarantees better cleaning of the laundry , but also because it certifies the correct functioning of the appliance .
If it is not cleaned regularly, this component can easily become prey to mold, germs and bacteria .
Furthermore, detergent and limescale residues could invade it. These, over time, could become encrusted and give off bad smells .
To prevent this from happening, the tray must be disinfected at least once every two weeks . In this article I will explain all the steps to follow to obtain excellent results.
Safety first of all
The first thing to do is unplug the power cord from the outlet . This operation is essential if you want to be sure you carry out any work safely.
Also, remember to use gloves and a mask, as you will be using potentially irritating products , such as hydrogen peroxide.
Then rmove the tray by pressing the appropriate lever or, depending on the model, by applying light pressure. Once removed, let’s see how to proceed.
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