Grandma's Easy Needle Threading Trick: All you need is a bottle cap

A practical do-it-yourself guide to building your own original needle threader!

Our grandmothers knew one more than the devil! By necessity they had to perform virtues, so they had far fewer amenities than today. Since we are used to having needle threaders that can be purchased in haberdashery, we have somewhat lost the ability to use them.

A method to have your own needle threader
However, it is enough to resort to ancient folk knowledge to discover a truly effective and economical method. This assumes that you already have the few items needed to complete the job. This can be a nice idea to put into practice with your young children if you have any. From a young age, they love creating things with their little hands.

The idea is not only useful, but also allows you to spend time together. Unfortunately, we spend less and less time between work and school. A simple hint will allow you to identify yourself. Of course, to do the needle threader with the children, we warmly invite you to follow each step carefully. Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, they actually risk getting stung if you don't keep a vigilant eye on the situation.