Goodbye Dental Implants! Teeth That Grow in Just 9 Weeks. The Discovery of the CENTURY

Revolutionizing the field of dental health, a groundbreaking advancement promises to redefine our approach to dealing with tooth loss. The pioneering research led by Dr. Jeremy Mao at Columbia University has opened the doors to a future where dental implants could become a thing of the past. This innovative procedure leverages the body's own stem cells to completely regenerate missing teeth, marking a significant leap forward in dental medicine.

According to the findings shared on, this state-of-the-art technology enables the growth of new teeth within a mere nine weeks. Dr. Mao's method involves replacing the void left by a missing tooth with the patient's own stem cells, which then integrates with the surrounding tissue to promote natural regeneration. "It's simple," Dr. Mao explains, highlighting the simplicity of the process that not only facilitates rapid recovery but also ensures the new tooth perfectly integrates with the body's existing dental structure.

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