Coffee grounds on windowsills: solves a very common problem

How to make an insecticide from coffee grounds, a product that will help you fight insects and especially flies. This solves some very common problems.

We reveal how to give new life to coffee grounds. Instead of throwing them away, create this amazing product. We are sure you won't regret it.

How to recycle used coffee
There are so many people who throw away their coffee grounds after consuming this delicious drink. What they don't realize is that they could repurpose the funds and give them incredible other uses.

For example, you can use coffee grounds as fertilizer for the garden. All you have to do is pour the coffee onto the soil of your favorite plants to see how they get new life.

Another way to reuse them is to neutralize odors. In fact, coffee has a very special aroma that manages to overcome many unpleasant smells in our home, such as those from the refrigerator.

How to recycle coffee grounds
Not everyone knows it, but coffee grounds also have great grinding power that can be used, for example, to clean pots and pans. And thanks to their abrasive and exfoliating power, agents can be used to remove dead cells from our skin.

They also manage to counteract another skin imperfection, orange peel. It is enough to perform massages with circular movements to notice daily improvements. Coffee grounds can also be used to regrow our hair, in those places where we notice a slight fall, for example, perhaps due to stress or an unbalanced diet.