Chocolate Brownies with Cocoa

There is a huge difference between a really good and average brownie in my opinion. If it isn’t gooey and fudgy in the middle then it isn’t a brownie.

Brownies are probably the baked good that I have been disappointed with the most over the years. I’ve bought them hoping for a delicious gooey brownie and been disappointed with what it essentially a chocolate cake.

Nigel Slater worded it perfectly in his original recipe, “Oh, and if you pull out your skewer and it comes out clean then I’m afraid you have blown it.”

He is quite right, What makes a brownie so delicious is its gooeyness so if you over bake it you have ruined it, as harsh as that sounds.
Paul Hollywood recently said on The Great British Bake Off “The bake on the brownie is the most critical thing, if you overbake it will become very very dry and cake like.” So a gooey brownie is definitely expected amongst chefs!