Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

This chicken Caesar pasta salad recipe is loaded with pan fried chicken, crispy bacon, homemade croutons, pasta, and the most delicious homemade Caesar dressing. It’s perfect for summer gatherings!

Ingredients you need
Pasta – I used penne, but any similar sized pasta shape will do
Bacon – these kitchen shears make it simple to cut the bacon into bite-sized pieces
Chicken – we’re using chicken breasts here
Garlic powder – along with salt & pepper, seasoning the chicken directly infuses so much flavor
Lettuce – romaine is the classic variety for Caesar salad
Croutons – homemade garlic croutons are a game changer!
Caesar dressing – you can use the stuff from a bottle, but I highly recommend trying my 10-minute easy Caesar dressing from scratch.
Parmesan cheese – I always keep a block in my fridge and grate it myself with a zester. It just tastes so much better.
Lemon juice – totally optional, but a squeeze of fresh lemon on top adds a hint of brightness

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