Apply toothpaste on a kitchen knife. I didn’t expect it to be so strong

However, over time, the kitchen knife’s edge will get quite dull, especially when chopping meat, which requires a lot of work. The same is true for scissors; incorrect preservation is not only harmful The scissors have corrosion and are sharp. When they are used to cut them, they become uncuttable. Compared to dull kitchen knives, they are more challenging to wield. At this point, you must sharpen the knife in order to restore its sharpness. To sharpen the knife, some buddies are going to purchase a sharpening stone. This is a sensible approach. If my home is devoid of a sharpening stone, what should I do? Curl is here to offer a technique with you: simply squeeze toothpaste onto the kitchen knife. The result is excellent. Let’s look at the detailed instructions.

After reading this, try applying toothpaste on your kitchen knife. It has such a positive effect that every household will use it.

The initial action: Remove the dull kitchen knife and the non-sharpened scissors from the house. Squeeze the toothpaste that we typically use to brush the kitchen knife’s blade by running a long strip along the blade and then spreading it a little broader with a hand to cover the entire blade. Apply toothpaste on the scissors in a similar manner. Once all of the knife’s blades have been coated with toothpaste, let it stand for five minutes. So why is toothpaste being used in this instance? In addition to acting as a lubricant, toothpaste has the ability to clean teeth after being removed and to absorb debris from the blade. You can stop worrying about the kitchen knife breaking when it’s sharp.