Aluminum and coarse salt: the combination that solves many household problems

Keeping surfaces and objects shiny is often a tedious and time-consuming task. Here is a solution that will change your life.

There are many items in a house that require special attention and care. Whether for a more thorough cleaning or for aesthetic reasons, we often need to polish silverware, surfaces or metals that do not always appear as shiny as we would like.

Aluminum and salt, the allies for shine
Anyone who owns a cutlery set knows the time it takes to polish cutlery and cutlery. Aside from being a tedious process, we always try to achieve the mirror effect that fully highlights the characteristics of the raw material. We often rely on a wide variety of products to prevent oxidation, but what few people know is that what can solve the situation is present in every home.
The first “ingredient” is aluminum. Aluminum is present in all households and is mainly used for storing and packaging food. It hides many properties that can come in handy at home.

For example, adding coarse salt and baking soda to aluminum foil produces surprising results. The process is very simple, you need a container, aluminum foil at least twice the length of the bottom of the container, two tablespoons of coarse salt, a tablespoon of baking soda and a little hot water.

The process of polishing objects