6 makeup mistakes that age your face and how to fix them

For many women, makeup is a way to hide their imperfections and improve their appearance, especially if it matches the outfit. You can also use it to highlight certain assets, such as doe eyes or full lips. But if done poorly, it can have the opposite effect. In fact, some mistakes can make you look old!
Makeup trends certainly change from year to year, but there are ways to apply makeup that are age-appropriate and therefore should be avoided.

What makeup mistakes make us age?
Be heavy when applying foundation when applying makeup.
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auf die Basis stellen
When applying makeup, it's important to use a light hand. Applying foundation thickly can actually cause fine lines and wrinkles. This makes these signs of aging more noticeable. It is not necessary to apply foundation in large quantities as its main function is to even out skin tone. To avoid excessive aging, choose a light foundation and then use a concealer to hide your imperfections. Please note that it is also important to choose the correct color of the substrate. For example, if it is very bright, you will look pale and therefore your face will lack luminosity. To avoid this mistake, test the foundation when applying it on your face and not on the back of your hand. All you have to do is dab some foundation on your face and check if it matches your skin tone.

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