This is how you get rid of belly fat without dieting and without ending up with stretch marks on your body: You need to do just one thing with a red onion, every day.

Excess weight is a problem no woman wants to face. If you’re not currently looking the way you wish, don’t despair! There’s a simple and effective trick that can solve this problem without the need to follow a drastic diet.

All you need to do is incorporate the consumption of red onion into your daily diet. Eat 70 grams of red onion daily, which you can add to salads, soups, or other dishes. It’s very important to note: the onion should not be cooked in any way, as it loses its properties when heated. Red onion contains active compounds that make digestion more efficient. Thus, after just one month, you will notice that you have lost about five kilograms without making a significant effort.