The recipe that saved my life 17 years ago: How I defeated a tumor in the liver and colon

Seventeen years ago, I faced a challenging health situation, diagnosed with tumors in the liver, colon, and uterus. During my surgical journey, a remarkable recipe was shared with me by my doctor. This concoction, which I diligently prepared and consumed, played a crucial role in my recovery. The results were astounding - subsequent tests showed that the tumor had vanished. This recipe not only helped me avoid further surgery but also became a staple in my life for ongoing well-being.

A Recipe for Health and Healing
Here, I share this life-altering recipe, laden with natural ingredients, each contributing its unique healing properties.


15 heads of garlic
15 lemons
500g each of ground walnuts, hazelnuts, dried figs, dried plums, white grape raisins, red grape raisins
500g organic wheat
1kg homemade honey
Preparation Method:

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