See how raw chicken and rice in a slow cooker become a flavorful dinner that can't fail

Certain dishes evoke a strong sense of familiarity with their look, taste, and aroma, yet the thought of preparing them at home can seem daunting. We often categorize nostalgic takeout foods and exotic foreign cuisines in this light, assuming they require expensive ingredients and extensive cooking time. Spanish rice is one such dish. Traditionally fluffy, yellow, and packed with flavor, the idea of making Spanish rice at home can feel intimidating.

However, this Fiesta Chicken and Rice recipe is designed to simplify the process, using your slow cooker to infuse these rich flavors into a homely dish without the hassle or expense. This recipe combines simple white rice, tender chicken, vegetables, chopped tomatoes, and spices to recreate the essence of Spanish rice. The key lies in cooking the onions, cumin, and tomatoes with the rice, ensuring each grain is imbued with the dish's signature bursts of flavor.

Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken and Rice Recipe


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