Neapolitan Krispie Treats

Why this Treat is Best
It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Rice Krispie Treats.
I’m not talking about those nasty prepackaged ones in the blue wrappers…I’m talking fresh and gooey, homemade Rice Krispie Treats.
If you’re new around here, you may be thinking.
It’s true. It’s the strangest thing for a grown woman (I’m almost 50, by the way) to be obsessed with Rice Krispie Treats. But I’ve come to embrace it over the years!
When you show up to a potluck and find a stack of homemade krispie treats on the table between the chicken tetrazinni and potato salad, it’s odd.
When you make a batch at home only to eat the entire pan before your FOUR lovely children get home. Again, odd.
I am obsessed. I have no will power when it comes to those gooey delicious treats.
Today’s recipe is perfect, here’s why:
Strawberry and chocolate rice krispie treat layers.
Sandwiched together with a creamy marshmallow filling.
Inspired by Neapolitan flavored ice cream–only these treats don’t melt in the sun!
This recipe is easy to make with an eye-catching combination of colors
Ingredient Notes