Message for women: Pay attention to how much you sleep… Neurologists have issued a warning

Sleep is a different process for women and men due to their different biological natures.

Many institutes recommend we need about 8 hours of sleep.

However, the latest scientific study has shown that 8 hours of sleep is not enough for the body. Women require more rest because their brain activity is higher.

Recent neurological studies have shown that the so-called beauty or restorative sleep is not a myth. Adequate sleep will make your skin look better.

Make sure you get more than 8 hours of sleep if you are a woman. It is vital for your overall health!

A study conducted by British researchers at Loughborough University revealed that because modern women have to deal with both work and home stress, they need to sleep a little more than men. The need for women to sleep more is based on their brain structure, which is quite different from that of men.

The hormonal system is different in women

This study was conducted on 4,600 volunteers, aged between 35 and 55 years, half of whom were men. Both laboratory tests and clinical investigations revealed that women’s bodies are operated by an entire hormonal mechanism to compensate for lack of sleep.

A small number of sleeping hours overtaxes the body and affects it irreversibly, especially in cardiac activity.

Neither lipid nor carbohydrate metabolism is spared from the harmful consequences of lack of rest. The less a woman sleeps, the more she is prone to gaining excess weight and developing diabetes, especially after the age of 40.

Sleep and sugar consumption are interconnected