The Best KFC fried chicken recipe

Ok, I know saying that this is the best KFC fried chicken recipe on the internet is a bold statement. But honestly, I know what I’m talking about!

A few years ago, I visited KFC headquarters and got an excellent inside look at their ingredients and processes.

I learned how fresh all their ingredients are, talked to chefs and food scientist, and got to see how they make their chicken.

I even made a video that’s proven to be very popular on YouTube: How KFC fried chicken is made.

Did you watch it? It currently has over 500,000 views! Watch it to check out the authentic KFC chicken frying technique!

What’s in the KFC secret recipe?

Here’s the truth about the real KFC original fried chicken secret recipe: there are only a few people who know it. It’s locked in a vault.

Even the people who put together the actual KFC breading mix don’t know what’s in it. Some of the ingredients in the recipe come from one location, and some ingredients come from a second location.

All of the ingredients are combined at a third location, meaning no single worker has his or her hands on all the ingredients that make up KFC’s 11 secret herbs and spices.