Do you have such plates at home? Throw them away immediately! They can make you seriously ill.

You probably never thought about this aspect, but it would be good to throw away all the old ceramic plates and cups from your house.

This is because they can seriously harm your health. Old tableware can harbor certain microbes and spores that put you at risk.

Certainly, in each of our kitchens, there are still older tableware items than we might think. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, many of them hide diseases that we hadn’t considered until now.

The reason why you should throw away old plates from your house: These older plates or cups have suffered minor accidents over time. Thus, they have been left with small cracks which we consider harmless. However, dirt and microbes hiding in these fissures can affect your health. Therefore, according to specialists, the reason why these items are very dangerous for your family is very logical.

Moreover, for painted plates or tableware items, the danger is much greater. This is because the paint composition includes salts of harmful elements. And here we mention just a few such as cobalt, boron, or cadmium. However, as long as the paint is intact, everything is okay. On the contrary, if due to an accident the plate is chipped in a part affecting the color, these toxic substances can get into the food, and then into the body.