Christmas Vegetable Gratin recipe

Enhance your holiday table with ease using our Christmas Vegetable Gratin! Whether air-fried or oven-baked, this easy-to-make dish features a medley of seasonal vegetables, bringing festive flavours to every bite.

Prep Time: 15minutes minutes

Cook Time: 45minutes minutes

Total Time: 1hour hour 5minutes minutes

Servings: 6

450 g Potatoes sliced to ⅛ inch thin
200 g carrots 2 medium sized, sliced ⅛ inch thin
150 g parnips 2 medium sized, sliced ⅛ inch thin
150 g brussels sprouts sliced into thin discs
1 medium white onion sliced into ⅛ thickness, loosen the rings
1 tsp unsalted butter
300 ml double cream
150 ml milk
3 cloves garlic minced
½ tsp nutmeg
salt to taste
½ tsp black pepper
3 bay leaves
50 g cheddar cheese grated
2 tsp parsley